Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rockwiz Xmas special at the Palais

Rockwiz did one Xmas special 2 years ago at the Palais and it was a huge hit. So much so that the repeat performance this year was sold out for 3 nights. So we all had to raise the bar and a much bigger show with improved staging , larger screen and extra lighting was fashioned.
We layered red drapes from front to back and top to bottom  so the whole viewing stage was covered in drapes. It was then enhanced with a huge array of lighting. It all still had the "rockwiz" vibe even though it didn't have some key prop elements and wasn't at the "Gershwin" room.
Also had the thrill of navigating the very narrow stairs and catwalks that take you up and around the outside of the interior dome. One of the pics shows the view from the projector room which is up in the dome and accessed by this catwalk. 

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