Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tooheys Extra Dry

Directed Garth Davis And Produced by Karen Sproul of Exit films.
We had to build a bathroom set that sat on a rostrum so the actor could get underneath the bath and raise himself up through the ice. Before we build this set we made a cardboard full scale model so we could get the proportions exactly right. Most of the FX were shot in camera and tweeked in post, so we had to build ice crators and huge green screen cylinders for all the smoke/ice particle FX.
Damian loves carving foam!
Undruis is standing next to a tank that will be lined and filled with water and ice.
The actor was required to go head first into the laundry trough, sliding through ice and then outside into a large tank. The small film is of me doing some research and developement, the first hesitant test down into the sink.
We fitted the Laundry wall/tub set into a doorway of an old kitchen. We filled and painted all the gaps and it there wasn't a huge tank sticking out from the other side you wouldnt of known it was a set.