Thursday, October 8, 2009

Helicopter simulator

I was asked by a mate of mine who works for "Heliexperiences" to help build a helicopter simulator. They had all the basic software and flying hardware but wanted to put it all together into a permanent enclosed faux helicopter. It had to be done in a couple of days and the budget was very tight. We made a couple of timber patterns and with a router duplicated the profile on to some thicker board. We fabricated a steel frame to hold it all together  (it also had to hold the weight of a large plasma screen ) . Its debut was at the Melbourne show and apparently it was a big hit. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Japanese Tv commercial shot in Melbourne

 Japanese TVC
The shooting and pre production for this particular Tvc was most interesting .....
The director and most of the Japanese contingent arrived in Australia the day before we started shooting. Not the ideal way to go about it given some of the locations were still undecided by the director. We of the art department had to work nearly all night in order to prepare for the first days filming. (it is fairly depressing when you get home and set your alarm and you have to get up in one and a half hours)
We were basically shooting background plates for a whole lot of CGI action that was going to be composited back in Japan. This meant doing weird things like building a mock cafe with a breakaway awning that collapsed on cue. (Damian seems to have found a nice spot to hide.) We also had to carry around a grey mannequin that was shot in various positions to replicate the hero in all this action.
Another set up was in Carlton outside a barbers shop. We had to add some signs and barbers poles to make it really obvious it was a barbers shop. The shot is basically stop animation. We had a whole lot of extras and furniture out side the barbers shop. Frame by frame we had to move the furniture along the street half a metre a time. (very Benny Hill)  There were about 80 frames so it took awhile. Before we did this shot we had to set up the furniture along the median strip so the director could work out the sequence and order of things. (Leon is bemused by the whole event.)
We are looking forward to seeing the finished product, it will be pretty wacky. I also hope it clarifies what is meant to be going on in the commercials cos we have no idea.