Sunday, February 15, 2009

50th anniversary of the Bowl "Rockwiz" spectacular
"Renegade" films upped the anti once again. The first Rockwiz gig outside of the "Gershwin" room was at the "forum" theatre, then they filled the "palais" with a Christmas special.
This time they took it to the "Sidney Myer musc bowl" as part of the 50th year celebration. Talk about ambitious; lighting, sound and Art dept. crews bumping in after the M.S.O. finished at 11pm.
The next day we flew through the rehearsals and went straight into the show. It is all a bit different for most crews as it is a mix of live show and tv. The set pieces and contestants have to be positioned relative to various camera's , some of which have a set focus. Apparently it all went very well and even to schedule. (we were back stage moving set pieces between acts so i didnt catch much of the show) In one of the pics we can see Leon relishing the role of staging co-ordinator. You will also notice that the "rockwiz" contestant desks and signs are dwarfed in the huge bowl stage.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Late 08 we did a "M & M's commercial for "Fiction films".
Red had left his outer shell in the washing , ruining the other garments.
We contracted a latex specialist " Electra" to build us the suits. It was all shot in a dressed location and the characters were added in later by computer.

Trevor the "gaffa" can be seen in the B/G doing his normal lighting tweaking.