Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kmart-Exit films

Kmart TVC's
Exit films
Directed by Lachlan Dickie
Produced by- Selin Yaman
We were asked to build six scenes for 6 products.
One was a lavender field, that was going to be expanded and colorised in post. We had to paint over a thousand bunches of lavender chromakey blue.
We also had to build a sand dune, and a 2-d forest profile cut from Veneer board. Shaun Patton built us a miniature stylised pine forest and "Illusions Australia" made us a working conveyor belt. All shot in the Paris End studios.

"Hestons" kitchen

Coles TVC
Flinders Lane productions
This very large kitchen set was designed by Lance Davis Design and built by "Illusions Australia" set construction. The set was designed to be monochromatic and soft in the background. Hi end finishes were used throughout, making it a large investment. It is designed to be packed down and used multiple times.