Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kmart Sculptures

Exit films Director Ben Saunders and Producer Tobias Webster contracted me to build 11 sculptures that were to be installed in a Kmart store. The sculptures were conceived by "Tin & Ed" and were to be built and clad with Kmart product. Once in store, the sculptures were part of a large television campaign, and were filmed over 4 days. All of the sculptures were built and tested at various workshops (we had to sublet more factories to house all of the stock and to provide more building space) over a 4 week period. They were installed over night before each of the shoot days. The most difficult installation was the sculpture made form the large Kmart lollie selection. There were over 2000 strands, each with around 80 lollies glued to each strand. This sculpture alone took 4 weeks to build and over 10 hrs for 4 people to set up in store.