Saturday, October 17, 2015


L'oreal Tv commercial
Production company-Guilty
Producer-Rowan Timlock
Director-Benn Jae

A very simple stylised set. We painted the studio a mid grey tone and ran a wall of mirrors down one side of the studio. The set was centred around Megan Gale and a large amount of her archival photographs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coles "Little Red House"

Advertising agency-Big Red
Production company-Flinders Lane Productions
The little red house was originally intended to be located on a normal empty house block. But it was decided it would look much better perched on a small hill, with stairs running down from the front door. A white picket fence with some box hedging.  Once again "Illusions Australia" turned a very quick turn around with a problematic worksite into a great result. Some of the interior shots were done in a studio .

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kmart Kids

Another Kmart TVC that required us to design and build some weird and unusual pieces. The production company was once again Exit films, with Lachlan Dickie directing and Selin Yaman producing. "Illusions" once again helped out by building some of the six scenes. One of the builds was to replicate a Lego racing car. They also built a "Ninja turtle" skate ramp and some 3-D mountain scapes for the "Quadcopter" scene. The glowing, dancing flowers was also another challenge given to the crew at illusions and they pulled this one off really well. At my workshop we put together the paper plant sculptures and the assorted snowflakes.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kmart-Exit films

Kmart TVC's
Exit films
Directed by Lachlan Dickie
Produced by- Selin Yaman
We were asked to build six scenes for 6 products.
One was a lavender field, that was going to be expanded and colorised in post. We had to paint over a thousand bunches of lavender chromakey blue.
We also had to build a sand dune, and a 2-d forest profile cut from Veneer board. Shaun Patton built us a miniature stylised pine forest and "Illusions Australia" made us a working conveyor belt. All shot in the Paris End studios.

"Hestons" kitchen

Coles TVC
Flinders Lane productions
This very large kitchen set was designed by Lance Davis Design and built by "Illusions Australia" set construction. The set was designed to be monochromatic and soft in the background. Hi end finishes were used throughout, making it a large investment. It is designed to be packed down and used multiple times.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OTI "The Y Factor"

The Y Factor 
Production company- The Sweetshop
Directed by Nick kelly
Produced By Alice Grant
This was a set we built in my humble workshop. The set consisted of a main judges desk with 3 spinning chairs. A huge led screen supported by a truss system supplied by PRG and CLS. Two large 3-d Y's which we made and some flats on each wing.
The whole set was build on staging supplied by Prostage. Most of the set had inbuilt LED lighting that could be dialled to any colour.