Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Medibank" private commercial
We were asked to build the "Medibank" logo in large 3-d pieces. We had a very short turn around time so we couldn't get foam cut, tough coated , filled and painted in time. So we projected the profiles onto timber sheet and hand cut each letter. We then wrapped the profiles in bending ply, then filled and painted. The meat was cut out of the central "i" before it was clad in thin sheet so that it would be light enough for the actors to carry.

The letters were set up at the botanical gardens where we shot the TVC (once again Leon is hiding)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For a fruit juice commercial we had to create a small garden of eden.
To an existing garden at Olinda we added 6 mature trees and masses of ground cover. The four fruits we had to display were mango,peach,orange and apple. The garden had to survive for a few days so we used artificial fruit. (also the garden had a large possum population)
We also had a butterfly expert who released native butterflies on cue.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For this APIA commercial we had to mock up a market scene in south africa (late 70's) We did this down at Avalon beach on the wettest day that year. We made a corn stall with half a 44 gallon drum as the fire pit. By the start of filming the extras had eaten nearly all of the 200 corn cobs.
Vic roads tvc
This set was huge. It filled the melbourne film studios. This set was filmed with the actor reacting to various green screen elements. A cgi achitectural model of melbourne and the citilink tunnel was then built to fit in this environment. Actors stood on platforms at the back of the set to look like they were on different levels.

This is a padded cell that was built by "Lance Davis design" for a "metallica" concert. The filmed footage shown on a huge lcd curtain during the concert. Bundit the scenic painter is in the corner.

Metlink tvc
The oversize egg carton was built using plywood over a steel frame.
The steel frame was to hold it all together and to provide a solid hinging point for the lid that had to open.
To make the giant scoop we had to make a form and then laminate thin sheets of timber together to form the solid shape. Leon is showing us how it is done.

For the 5 pack beer carton a metal frame had to be welded before it was clad in timber so it could hold the weight of 5 people.
Here is Undies fitting the egg carton lid
Metlink TVC
Here are some of the finished set pieces at the studio.
The lid on the oversized egg carton had to open to reveal the cloned females.
Stunt people had to slide down the oversized scoop.
The 'five pack' of footy supporters was suspended off the studio floor by riggers.

Cadbury human cannon
Here is the prime mover before it has been clad with the faux coach work and cannon.

Cadbury human cannon
We hired a classic "Peterbilt" prime mover that the cannon was fixed to.(the green changed to purple in post) A metal frame was bolted to the inside of the cannon and attached to the truck. We suspended the cannon off a chain block and lowered it onto the truck.
The owner of the truck thought that the cannon would look great
in his front paddock. So he carted it away on his trailor when we had finished.

Cadbury human cannon
Cannon made at "Lance Davis Design" workshop using plywood circles each cut to suit the taper of the cannon.Scott had to work out what the ring sizes and spacings needed to be without the use of a cad drawing. The rings were spaced using wooden stringers. It was then wrapped with a thin skin of board. Each board had to be shaped to fit so they would join on the rings.