Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tooheys Extra Dry

Directed Garth Davis And Produced by Karen Sproul of Exit films.
We had to build a bathroom set that sat on a rostrum so the actor could get underneath the bath and raise himself up through the ice. Before we build this set we made a cardboard full scale model so we could get the proportions exactly right. Most of the FX were shot in camera and tweeked in post, so we had to build ice crators and huge green screen cylinders for all the smoke/ice particle FX.
Damian loves carving foam!
Undruis is standing next to a tank that will be lined and filled with water and ice.
The actor was required to go head first into the laundry trough, sliding through ice and then outside into a large tank. The small film is of me doing some research and developement, the first hesitant test down into the sink.
We fitted the Laundry wall/tub set into a doorway of an old kitchen. We filled and painted all the gaps and it there wasn't a huge tank sticking out from the other side you wouldnt of known it was a set.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lipton tvc

This was a set built for Lipton tea bags. The production company was "Gods & Monsters" and it was directed by Barney Howells and produced by Nick Round.
We had to create a set that was interesting and yet didnt look too busy or dominate the frame. The 3-D shapes look simple enough but were a reasonably complicated build. The most difficult part of the whole job was keeping the floor white while a dozen dancers tried their hardest to cover it in black rubber.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Medibank TVC-Perth

Getting the "Medibank" letters to Perth in one piece was a bit of a challange. Building suitable crates to carry each letter was a big job. But we had to be sure that each letter got to Perth in perfect condition and we had been warned that road transport could be a bit rough. But it all arrived in one piece and the weather was perfect for an outdoor shoot in a park.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bakers Delight-Easter

Bakers delight TVC - produced Fiona McGregor and directed by Dogboys of Pound productions. Here we had to dress a community hall to look like a  cake judging competition at a local annual show. The banner was hand painted by Damian Fitzgerald.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rockwiz national tour 2010

Rockwiz will be touring Australia wide and a new set is required. We have to design and build a set that will knock down to small foldable components that can then be put into packing crates . It still has too look "Rockwiz" but has to be easily assembled by who-ever may be on hand at that particular venue. It is still the 2 desks for contestants and the 2 podiums for Julia and Brian. They are also introducing a lucky spinning wheel but i cant divulge what part this will play in the live event. The building of the wooden boxes to house this precious cargo took almost as long to complete as the building of the set. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Experimenta-"Utopia Now" 2010

Experimenta are once again exhibiting their "International biennial of media art" at the Black box  at the Melbourne arts centre. This is the 4th time we have been contracted to fit out the black box for this event so we are pretty familiar with the space. This particular exhibition required lots of rooms with all the walls extending up to the grid at 3.3 metres high. 
It all had to be pre-fabricated and then set up in 3 days at the art centre. This meant building over 200 modular wall sections at the workshop and then trucking the pieces to location. The boys freaked out when they saw how much wood was being delivered.  I will post some shots of the finished interior shortly.

Medibank TVC-Sydney

We reconditioned the "Medibank" letters , sourced props in Melbourne and trucked the whole lot up to Sydney. It has been 10 years since i have done the Hume so i was looking forward to the road trip. It was going to be a 3 day shoot at "freshwater Bay" but the weather didn't do us any favors and so we ended up staying a couple of days longer. This meant lugging all the gear up and down the beach each day which was all very exhausting but there are certainly worse places to be hanging out.