Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Fiction Films
Director Jake Robb, producer Jackie Fish and shot by Garry Richards.

We were given a 4 day turn around to make about 9 signs. They wanted them in 3-d which made the process a little trickier. We managed to find a laser cutter who cut the profiles for us within a 48 hr turnaround and then we just had to wrap them in bending plywood, fill, sand and paint them in the other 2 days. The digital printing was done by David at "Signlanguage" in Cheltenham.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kmart Sculptures

Exit films Director Ben Saunders and Producer Tobias Webster contracted me to build 11 sculptures that were to be installed in a Kmart store. The sculptures were conceived by "Tin & Ed" and were to be built and clad with Kmart product. Once in store, the sculptures were part of a large television campaign, and were filmed over 4 days. All of the sculptures were built and tested at various workshops (we had to sublet more factories to house all of the stock and to provide more building space) over a 4 week period. They were installed over night before each of the shoot days. The most difficult installation was the sculpture made form the large Kmart lollie selection. There were over 2000 strands, each with around 80 lollies glued to each strand. This sculpture alone took 4 weeks to build and over 10 hrs for 4 people to set up in store.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Runway-Foxtel Arena

We were asked to come up with a simple and stylised set for the new 2012 "Project Runway" promotions. The task was made very much easier as the Director (Jessica O'sullivan), Designer (Sze Lock), Stylist (Leigh Dalton) and DP (Emilio Abbonizio) were all very willing to collaborate and work towards something that was achievable in the time frame and still look fantastic. We painted all of our own backdrops, had large hessian drapes made and built and painted most of the props. I really wanted everything to be knocked back and aged as much as possible so that set elements would always be part of the dark and smokey atmosphere.  Damian fitzgerald and Scott Janson both had a hand in painting the set pieces.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Masters" Headphones in Perth

The final leg, Perth.

All the headphone pieces were loaded into 2 semitrailers and hauled from Sydney to Perth. We arrived a couple of days later (into a nine day heatwave) and began the task of stripping off all the Moove cartons and re-cladding with Masters cartons. Once again this took about 7 days and then we set up the headphones down on the water front. It all went very smoothly and despite the constant 39C degree  days we had a great time in Perth. The headphones also looked particularly striking with the green spearmint cartons.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moove headphones in Sydney

The headphones were packed up and sent up north to Sydney. Once the 3 semitrailers arrived, our new construction team unpacked the pieces/cartons and we began re-cladding with Moove cartons. This took about 7 days and we then set it up just next to Circular quay.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Big M" big headphones at Faulkner park

This is the first set up of the headphones in Melbourne