Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Toast To Love" a Japanese musical/road movie....
I havent had much time to blog anything in the last three months as i have been working on the feature film "Kin". But we cant really talk about or show any pics relating to this film until it gets released mid 2010. It was directed by Amanda Jane ,Produced by Nicole Minchin and shot by Katie Millwright. It was shot on the "red" camera and from all reports it is going to look great.
But i have been trawling through some old pics and i found a couple from a Japanese film i designed about 6 years ago. It was shot in Japan and Australia and i did the Australian Leg. This particular set was built in at Jeffs shed due to its large size. Its a weird scene where the hero's car is driving at night through the desert and it comes upon some large Vegas style steps with dancing girls. Everyone starts singing and dancing and it gets all very Japanese. Didnt quiet understand why all this happened at this point in the story except for the fact that a musical interlude is required every 7 minutes in one of these films.
"Kin" on the other hand is not a musical , it is more a comedy/drama. It also has a story line that makes a lot of sense. I look forward to seeing the finished product...

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